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Current Special Offers

February Is National Pet Dental Health Month

Take this opportunity to prolong your pet’s life for 2-4 years!

  1. Schedule an oral health exam with us - complimentary until 2/29/24 - and receive a CET chew and Ora Strip bacteria test, while supplies last. You will get a personal tour of our dental facility and at our Tenafly location see our new state-of-the-art dental CT which can scan your pet's oral cavity in 20 seconds.
  2. Schedule a dental cleaning appointment during our promotion period and enjoy a free bag of Dental Health diet valued at $35 and a free dental kit valued at $25.

Don’t turn your nose to your pet’s bad breath! The odor may be a sign of a serious health risk. Dental issues may lead to other health problems. That is why dental health is a critical aspect of your pet’s overall health. In fact, oral hygiene can add two to four years to your pet’s life.

If you think that dental cleaning is expensive, consider the following:

A grooming appointment every 3-4 weeks may cost $80-100. That’s $1,200 annually, to keep your pets clean and beautiful. Dental cleaning costs much less and does way more; it eliminates infections, bad breath, keeps your pet comfortable and pain-free, and prevents teeth extractions.

Here are some video resources by the AVMA on pet dental care with the AAHA standard:

Call us today at 201-567-7878 (Tenafly) or 201-292-4949 (Overpeck) to schedule. We would love to see you and your pet!

March Is Parasites Awareness Month To Dogs & Cats

TICKS: These external parasites can be brought home to you by your pet and harm both you and your pet. Ticks can be very dangerous and are usually found at the front of the body around the head. Always survey your dog's body, especially their head, before coming back from an outdoor walk.

FLEAS: Fleas are usually found at the back but can be anywhere. They also transmit tapeworms which look like rice. An interesting fact : Fleas only live 5 days but one female flea will lay 1,000 eggs which can hatch later on! We say "one flea is as good as a thousand!" While they don't like human blood, they can bite and irritate, especially your legs.

HEARTWORM: Heartworm is a blood parasite transmitted via mosquitos to dog and cats but not to humans.


  1. For Heartworm: Proheart 12 injection ( lasts for 12 months, no monthly pill!). Applicable to dogs only.
  2. For Fleas & Ticks: Bravecto - a 3 month chew tab (for dogs) or topical application (for cats).
  3. Revolution - the best product for cats that need triple protection.


Schedule a complimentary 10-minute consult to see if Proheart (dogs only) and/or Bravecto (dogs and cats) is right for your pet!

PROHEART 12 (or PROHEART 6 for puppies):

  • Proheart 12 injection with a $15 rewards gift card from the manufacturer. You can redeem your $15 rewards from Zoetis Petcare Rewards
  • An affordable, reduced cost on in-house heartworm test prior to Proheart 12 for your convenience while you're here ($15 off)


  • Get $5 off the lowest price available if you purchase 2 boxes of Bravecto from us.
  • Get $10 off the lowest price by purchasing 4 boxes of Bravecto from us (that's a year-supply for adult canine/felines!)

Promotion starts 3/01 and ends 3/30.

Please call us at Tenafly (201-567-7878) or Overpeck (201-292-4949) to make an appointment now!

April Is Allergy Awareness Month

Complimentary 10-min allergy vaccine consult + $50 off test + $50 off first vaccine order (that's $100 off)

Allergy is a chronic disease with no cure. But we can try to help your pet to stop itching or significantly minimize it by modifying the course of the disease. Our secret? We treat the disease, not just the symptoms! Give us 6-12 months and together let's try to get control over this annoying condition. Your pet will thank you and you'll have less hair to clean and less crisis management at the vet!

During the month of April, we offer:

  1. Complimentary allergy vaccine consult (if a doctor is not available, our nurses will go over it with you)
  2. $50 off allergy testing
  3. $50 off your first order of allergy vaccines
  4. 10% off on our anti-itch package : Shampoo, skin barrier protection, anti-inflammatory diet

Promotion available 4/1- 4/30.

Call us now (Tenafly 201-567-7878 & Overpeck 201-292-4949) for your complimentary consult.

Seniors, Veterans & Law Enforcement

Honored at both Tenafly Veterinary Center and Overpeck Creek Animal Hospital:

  • Complimentary VIP Membership
  • 10% off all services including dental and surgical procedures

Refer-a-Friend Program

$35 For You, $35 For a Friend

If you’re a satisfied client of Tenafly Veterinary Center or Overpeck Creek Animal Hospital, and know of any friends or family members that could benefit from our services, we’d like to extend a special offer as a "thank you" for referring them to our practice.

There is no limit to how many friends you can refer or how much credit you can accumulate. This is our way of expressing appreciation for your business and helping to keep your pets’ happy and healthy. Simply print out the referral coupon, give it to the person you are referring, and ask that they bring it with them to their pet’s first visit.

Keep in mind, this offer is limited to veterinary services only (exam, vaccines, bloodwork, etc.) and is not valid on product purchases. All friends referred must be new to the practice.

Shelter Adoptees

Honored at both Tenafly Veterinary Center and Overpeck Creek Animal Hospital:

  • Complimentary Exam - exam fees will be donated to our PAWSitive charity fund
  • Complimentary VIP Membership

Our PAWsitive Fund

Every month we help a needy pet and donate veterinary services (up to $1,000) on a case-by-case basis. Let us know if you’d like to sponsor or donate to a pet in need!

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