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Overpeck Creek & Tenafly Veterinary Center General Pet Wellness Handouts

Did you see a handout today that you liked? Want to keep a copy for your records? Or did you simply need a refresher of the topics discussed? Please find a printable version of all our handouts in the database below.

General Pet Care

Allergy Relief Tips

  • Secrets to relieving and decreasing symptoms of allergic dogs. | View pdf

All Natural Treatment For Arthritis

  • Our approach to treating arthritis in an all natural way. | View pdf

Annual Visit Goals

  • Flow of visit topics and education designed by the Doctors to focus on what we think is most important for the well being of your pet. | View pdf

Canine Arthritis Treatment

  • Our approach to treating arthritis in mild, moderate, and severe arthritic patients. | View pdf

Puppy Vaccines At A Glance

  • Core vs. Non-Core Vaccines, Who needs it?, and Frequency. | View pdf

Itch Pattern Allergic Patients

  • How allergic patients itch pattern correlates to the type of allergy present. | View pdf

Skin Itching Chart

  • Please mark the areas in which your pet is itchy and bring it with you to your next appointment. | View pdf

Fear-Free Visit Tips

  • Tips to make your pets visit as fear free as possible. | View pdf

Dermatology Treatment Plan

  • Our approach to treating and alleviating dermatitis and skin lesions. | View pdf

Puppy Schedule

  • Our plan for each of your puppy’s visits at a glance. | View pdf

Puppy Owner Checklist

  • Easy checklist for your records to follow for optimal puppy care. | View pdf

Puppy Program

  • Detailed list of vaccinations, treatments, and preventative care as followed and recommended by our vets. | View pdf

Senior Care "Eyes To Tail"

  • Our recommendations for pets over 7 years of age during their annual and semi-annual exams. | View pdf

Senior Cats "Life Enhancement Suggestions"

  • Diet, supplements, and maintenance suggestions for your aging cat. | View pdf

Spay/Neuter Highlights

  • Personalized care plan for our spay/neuter patients at a glance. | View pdf

Vomiting Pet Treatment Plan

  • A look at how we handle all our patients presented for vomiting. | View pdf

Blocked Cats Protocol

  • How we would treat your blocked cat at TVC. | View pdf

Boarding Tips

  • Tips from the vet for when you board your pet. | View pdf

Home Care After Vaccinations

  • In the event of a vaccine reaction please review these tips for home care. | View pdf

Early Detection Program

  • Program designed by ANTECH for dogs and cats followed by TVC to diagnose potential diseases BEFORE they become a serious issue. | View pdf

Get Your Pet Neutered!

  • Flow chart to help you decide on neutering your pet. | View pdf

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